Ghenesh and the Regency

Ghenesh and the Regency

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This page is to expand what is written there, rather than to copy it out, so if you have not read it, please do so. Please be aware that some of this information is not available to those without Ghenesh Lore. Some, like the invasion of the Moonriders through Arden Pass, is tolerably obvious. Other things are secret, here for OOC information only.


Being a land infinitely wide, or a series of connected lands, Ghenesh has no room for expansionists. This is a strange contradiction, but has to do with the demons who plague men where they sleep, and the sheer impossibility of forming an 'empire' when potential conquest victims just move out of the way.


There are innumerable tribes and subtribes in Ghenesh, but those known to Amber are those closest to the Tower of Ribbons, the regency HQ. These include the Earthshakers, the Moonriders and the Sail People. The mysterious Raftbourne are said to be foreign to Ghenesh, but inhabit a series of great salt marshes, and sometimes bring their raft lifestyle onto the plains in long wheeled convoys. The Windclaws are named after their attack beasts, but are more often seen on great brontosaurs.


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