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The plague was first noted along the Ghenesh shadow path, and has not yet spread far towards Amber. It is not known if it has spread into Ghenesh. At least one attempt has been made to infect the Windclaw Lake.


Herd Behaviour
Victims first develop brain problems which lead them to take their cues from others with the plague. They will flock like birds or move like cattle, always defending plague carriers. Eventually, they will leave where they live, and travel to an encampment where they will stay and die. The only known encampment (OOC: yes, there are others) has a sinkhole that leads to the Windclaw Lake along the shadow path.
Bleeding from Internal Organs
Develops in the later stages, but is the first obvious symptom, if you have not been observing the victim.
Inability to digest
Another obvious symptom, but it is part of a greater breakdown within the body.
Almost inevitably follows, about a month after initial infection.
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